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EMBARGOED: 28th February 2001

Better alternative for second line with Orange (HTAL)

Customers frustrated with the increasing costs of land line rentals and access fees can take heart with the latest from Orange, released today.

Orange One is now offering untimed local calls from home at only 15 cents, including GST. National calls are capped at $1.98 after 7pm and international calls to destinations such as the UK, New Zealand and USA are 17.5 cents, whether at home or mobile.

Orange One is the perfect way to get a second line at home within 2 working days with no installation costs.

"This represents real value for money. People who use the Internet at home, or families with teenage children often need a second line and Orange One is the most convenient and hassle free way of getting one," said Toni Brendish, Marketing Director at Orange.

"We know we offer great value for money and we're the best alternative for a second line because there is no installation required. With a handset like the LGC-800W, customers pay only $16.50 a month and get a home phone that also works as a mobile."

The Orange One plan includes a portable hands free and a desktop charger, free connection and free delivery within two working days. The portable phone also has great features such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and wake-up and reminder calls.

Orange One is the home phone that can go mobile. It operates on Orange's own purpose-built CDMA network. When you make a call the network knows the location of the handset. Calls are charged at local rates when the caller is at home (called LocalZone) and mobile rates apply when the calls are made outside the LocalZone.

"Orange One is the fastest and most convenient way of getting a second line. Anyone frustrated with having only one landline can have peace of mind knowing they are saving money and paying a fair price for a second line. And let's not forget Orange One is also a mobile phone so the savings are even greater," said Toni.


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