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Hutchison Global Crossing appoints new management
to actively develop local and global fibre optic network

Hutchison Global Crossing Limited (Hutchison Global Crossing) is a 50/50 joint venture between Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited (Hutchison Telecom) and Global Crossing Limited (Global Crossing). It combines Hutchison Telecom's fibre optic telecommunications network and Internet-related assets in Hong Kong with Global Crossing's international fibre optic broadband cable capacity and growing inventory of web hosting, Internet applications and data services. These combined capabilities provide the synergy of the new joint venture - more than a local telecommunications provider, Hutchison Global Crossing supports a truly global market.

Appointment of new management for dynamic business development

Canning Fok, Susan Chow, Frank Sixt, Jack Scanlon, David Milroy and Darrly Green will form the Board of Directors of Hutchison Global Crossing. Peter Wong has been appointed CEO of the new company and will be responsible for all fixed network and Internet-related business development and management.

Development of three service areas for three groups of customers

With the backing and support of its considerable resources, Hutchison Global Crossing will develop its overall business in three different areas, including local services, international services and multimedia services.

Based on its strong foundations in the local and global telecommunications industry, Hutchison Global Crossing will further expand its market penetration in local fixed networks, Internet and e-business. It will also develop a global fibre optic network to serve a wider variety of customers.

Hutchison Global Crossing plans to target three major groups of customers - the business and corporate user, the domestic and mass market user and the carrier market.

In the business sector, the company will cater for the needs of companies from multinationals to small-and-medium enterprises by providing voice, high-speed data transmission and integrated business solutions.

In the domestic and mass market sector, the company will combine telecommunications technology with daily life to offer consumers a more convenient lifestyle. The services provided will include broadband Internet access and other, diverse intelligent home-based services.

Hutchison Global Crossing will also further develop its carrier-to-carrier business by providing network infrastructure and related complementary facilities.

ESD Services Limited, a subsidiary of Hutchison Global Crossing, will be responsible for the network systems development, web site management, marketing and customer services of the ESD project. This agreement was signed by ESD Services Limited and the HKSAR Government in November last year.

Available in October 2000, the ESD system will provide Hong Kong's citizens with a new online experience, enabling them to conduct public and business services via the Internet.

Hutchison Global Crossing was established in January 2000. The new company is actively striving for business opportunities in the fixed network telecommunications and Internet marketplace.


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