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TOM.COM allies with Mainland ISP to develop value-added telecom services
Internet access service for 17 cities launched jointly with China Netcom

Hong Kong, 8 April 2001 - TOM.COM ('TOM.COM' or 'TOM', stock code 8001) announced that it has joined hands with China Netcom Corporation Ltd. (China Netcom), a mainland telecommunications operator, to launch TOMNET, an integrated Internet solution offering network, information, and access services. This demonstrates TOM's initiative in tapping the telecommunications value-added services market in Mainland China.

TOMNET, jointly launched by TOM and China Netcom, offers Internet dial-up access services in 17 mainland cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Changsha, Hefei, Ningbo, Nanchang, Shijiazhuang, Xiamen, Jinain, Zhengzhou and Fuzhou. Users in these cities can enjoy Internet access service with no roaming charges or additional network configuration. China Netcom provides proven technology for the service, while Tom will leverage its large user base to exploit marketing and promotional opportunities.

"Demand for Internet access services by the growing number of Internet users in the Mainland is increasing. Users are looking for faster, more convenient and comprehensive access services. TOMNET will provide superior virtual ISP services by leveraging the combined strengths of TOM and China Netcom," commented Sing Wang, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of TOM.COM, "TOM is creating new revenue sources from its Internet platform. This cooperation offers exciting new business development opportunities for TOM."

Research by China Internet Network Information Center indicates that the number of Internet users in China will rise from 22.5 million at present to 35 million by the end of 2001. Since access charges in the Mainland will fall by up to 50%, both the number of Internet users and Internet usage time are expected to rise quickly, along with the demand for fast and convenient Internet access services, there will be much growth potential in the market

TOM is the first company to cooperate with China Netcom to provide broadband Internet access services. China Netcom, one of the first broadband backbone-based ISPs in the mainland, with dedicated capacity of 40Gbps, can offer users exceptionally high access speeds. Moreover, TOMNET replaces long access numbers by a short combination of user name and password. User names and passwords can be registered at TOM or at, to enable net access by simply dialling "171". China Netcom has already established an optical fibre network in 17 mainland cities, with seamless nationwide roaming service. Commercial and mobile users enjoy the convenience of a single account number for all 17 cities. Payment for access to TOMNET may be made in real time through the online payment platform of China Merchants Bank.

Along with the launch of TOMNET, TOM will organise a series of promotional activities running till the end of 2001. The first is TOM's "500,000 Free Netsurfing Hours Giveaway". From 20 March to 1 May, visitors to TOM's portal can apply for the China Merchants Bank "ALL-IN-ONE NET - online banking" service, and receive 10 hours of free Internet usage. Users in Beijing and Guangzhou can also enjoy a free card-delivery service from China Merchants Bank.

"This cooperation with TOM is the first time that China Netcom has joined with a mainland portal to offer Internet access services," said an official from China Netcom, "We are very confident about this initiative. With China Netcom's technological expertise and TOM's strong customer resources and market experience, we expect to take a leading position in the highly competitive Mainland market."


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