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Frances Ng (Tel: 2128 6739)
7 May 2001

Orange introduces Hong Kong's first colour-display
cdma WAP handset - Sanyo C401SA

Innovative "Caller Photo & Number Display" function offers
personalized mobile communication services

Orange introduces Hong Kong's first colour-display cdma WAP handset - Sanyo C401SA. The new handset is packet-data enabled and supports 16-chord ringing tones. Together with the innovative "Caller Photo and Number Display" function, it allows users to experience a truly personalized mobile communication service.

Innovative "Caller Photo and Number Display" Function

The new Sanyo C401SA handset offers an exciting new handset download service. Orange users can upload their favourite photos at the "Photo Album" webpage at and then download the photos into their Sanyo C401SA handset via Orangeworld wirefree internet service. Orange users can also enjoy the innovative "Caller Photo and Number Display" function* to identify different callers with different photos and ringing tones.

Colour Animation Melodies Bring Unprecedented Entertainment to Mobile Communications

To experience the true fun of personalized mobile communication services, Orange users can also identify different callers by downloading creative colour animation melodies from the Orangeworld wirefree internet service. Orange users can also download over 70 screensavers and over 100 wallpapers including Hello Kitty, My Melody and Pom Pom Purin from SANRIO GALLERY, the popular Street Fighter characters from CAPCOM, and Garfield via Orangeworld wirefree internet service.

Enlarged Colour LCD Screen and Sub-LCD Display Handset Status

The new Sanyo C401SA is equipped with an enlarged two-inch 256 colour LCD display for showing colour images, photos or animations. Users can choose screen display colour from peach, pastel, ocean and harvest. The special additional LCD display on the front case allows users to view the handset's standby status, caller number, message reception and signal strength without opening the phone flip.

Harmonious 16-chord Ringing Tone Offers Unique Sound Effect

The Sanyo C401SA supports 16-chord ringing tones, allowing users to experience the harmonious musical effect brought by the new handset. Orange users are able to download a wide selection of melodies^ ranging from pop songs, Japanese theme songs, classics to festival melodies via Orangeworld wirefree internet service. They can also compose their own ringing tones. The new C401SA handset has equipped with built-in animations that appear automatically during popular festive times of the year while switching on the handset.

IS95B Packet-enabled Handset     Offers Colour WAP content

The Sanyo C401SA supports IS95B high-speed packet data transmission technology at a speed of 14.4kbps when accessing Orangeworld and an ultra-high speed of up to 64kbps when enjoying Web Direct service by connecting a data cable to PDA or notebook. With the Sanyo C401SA WAP handset, users can enjoy Orangeworld's colour WAP content with the greatest ease and convenience.

Wide Range of Features Facilitate Wireless Communication

The trendy handset supports T9 Chinese-character input method and 400-phonebook entries. It also comes with a range of fun and entertaining features including built-in games, a fortune-telling function, a built-in answering machine and scheduler. The Sanyo C401SA offers 85mins talk time with standby time up to 100hrs**.

Special Premium Pack and Coupon     Handset Price at HK$5,680

The new Sanyo C401SA handset is now available at HK$5,680#. Users can pay via an 18-month interest-free instalment plan using any Standard Chartered Bank credit card. This offers monthly payments as low as HK$315. Customers will receive a special promotional premium pack comprising an earpiece, a colourful handset strap and accessories. To let Sanyo C401SA users familiarize themselves with the "Caller Photo and Number Display" function, they are entitled to a free photo download demonstration upon presentation of coupon. ##

For more details, please contact the Orange Sales Hotline at 2807 9800, visit any Orange retail outlet, or go to Orange website at

- End -

*Photo download: HK$3 per download

^16-chord ringtone: HK$4 per download

**Standby time is measured when the phone flip is closed

# Users need to pre-pay a one-month service fee

## Free demonstration of the "Caller Photo and Number Display" function can be enjoyed at the designated Orange outlets/customer service centers within 7 days from the date of purchase of the Sanyo C401SA handset.

Charges for colour animation melody, screen saver and wallpaper downloads

Colorful animation$12/download
20 choices
3 choices
7 choices
Screen saver$10/download
20 choices
10 choices
11 choices
20 choices
10 choices
10 choices

Remarks: Orange has also partnered with a number of renowned content providers, including, Beauties' Paradise,, Face Offs, HK Concepts, Taito/OrangeGum, to offer a wide range of colourful music animation, screen saver and wallpaper download services.