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Partner Communications launches ICQ SMS and song4u services

Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel -June 10th, 2001 - Partner Communications Company Ltd. (NASDAQ: PTNR), today announced the launch of two new innovative service offerings, ICQ SMS and song4u, which are available to its over one million subscribers.

Partner's ICQ SMS service provides orangeTM customers with the ability to receive instantly SMS messages from any member of ICQ (using ICQ version 2000b or later) directly from the web to the customer's cellular handset.

The customer can then respond by sending an SMS message from the cell phone, much in the same way as if one was sitting in front of one's PC. In addition to the ICQ SMS service, the song4u service enables orangeTM subscribers to order a variety of songs, which can then be sent to another orangeTM subscriber, or to subscribers of other networks, accompanied by a personal greeting. The songs can be ordered in various categories such as love songs, birthday songs, special occasions songs, holiday songs, hit parades, Hassidic songs or wake-up songs. When the requested song is sent to its destination, the customer that ordered the song gets a notification of delivery via SMS. Songs can be ordered for immediate receipt, or for delayed deliveries up to three months later.

Amikam Cohen, Partner's CEO said today that "the launchings of the orangeTM ICQ SMS and the song4u services are important steps in transforming the cellular phone into a personal communications and media device with the capacity to inform, educate and entertain. Partner is committed to being a leader in today's communication revolution, enabling our customers to personalize their handsets, while changing the way they work and live."

Mr. Cohen added, "In the future, we believe that the cellular device will play an even greater role in inter-personal communications, serving as the primary vehicle for personal notifications and greetings. Our services allow subscribers to stay in touch with friends, colleagues, customers and family members using the advanced platforms of ICQ world wide, and enjoying the exciting greetings opportunity developed especially for them."

Partner Communications Company Ltd. is the only Global System for Mobile Communications, or GSM, mobile telephone network operator in Israel. The Company commenced full commercial operations in January 1999 under the international Orange Brand name and, through its network, provides quality of service and a range of features to over a million subscribers in Israel. Partner subscribers can use roaming services in 80 countries using 208 GSM networks. The Company shares are quoted on NASDAQ under the symbol ptnr and on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol pccd.

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