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TOM.COM partners with Mainland telecom operators to launch enhanced "TOMNET" vISP service fee-based e-mail services also announced

Hong Kong, June 28, 2001 - TOM.COM LIMITED ('TOM.COM' or 'TOM', stock code 8001) today announced the launch of "TOMNET" Internet access card service as part of its telecom value-added services strategy. Offered by TOM in conjunction with China Unicom, China Netcom, and Gosun Online, TOMNET is a virtual ISP service - an open platform offering a choice of ISPs, bundled with other value-added services.

"Telecom value-added services has become an important business stream for TOM, alongside our cross-media business strategy," explained Sing Wang, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of TOM.COM. "The number of Mainland Internet users is growing rapidly, and that is creating a booming Internet access market. Recognising this enormous market potential, TOM is providing local telecom service operators with an open, shared Internet platform that offers users a choice of ISP access and value-added services. We believe the partnership will fully exploit our portal resources to generate additional revenue and long-term benefits for both TOM and these leading operators."

The "TOMNET" access card leverages TOM's brand strength, user base, customer services, marketing expertise and Internet platform, as well as the infrastructure facilities, equipment and technologies of these leading Internet service operators. With a single user name and password, "TOMNET" users can enjoy multiple ISP selection, selecting the access service from China Unicom, China Netcom, and Gosun Online that meets their needs. Users also benefit from convenient 24x7 seamless roaming in more than 190 cities. Value-added services bundled with "TOMNET" include a free paid-email box, online games and MP3 music downloads.

At the same time, TOM also announced the launch of's low-fee-based e-mail service, equipped with enhanced functions and features. This will enable TOM to effectively monetise its existing user base and online traffic to achieve higher cost efficiency for the portal.

From June 28 onwards, new subscribers to will have access to the new fee-based e-mail service, but not to the old free one. The new service offers enhanced features, higher efficiency, larger capacity and improved network security and functions. Existing users can choose to either maintain their current free e-mail box or upgrade to the enhanced paid e-mail box. Users who choose to use "TOMNET" have free access to the enhanced mailbox. Paid mailboxes are available for RMB50 or RMB120 per annum, depending on service level.

Mr Wang added, "Our pursuit of Internet access value-added business converts our existing users to fee-paying ones for value-added services, making us more successful in monetising our online traffic. TOM will increase its cooperation with more telecom service operators and will encourage them to join TOMNET's open platform, to the benefit of all parties."


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