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Hutchison GlobalCenter lines up with Asia Global Crossing
to introduce new bandwidth promotion
offering customers the latest in reliable bandwidth services

(9 July 2001, Hong Kong) Hutchison GlobalCenter and Asia Global Crossing announced that they have joined hands to introduce a new bandwidth promotion designed to provide multimedia companies and financial institutions with high quality service at an economical rate. Customers using the 1Mbps bandwidth service can also opt for an extra 2Mbps bandwidth service free of charge, allowing them to provide advanced multimedia services. This promotion will also help customers in their efforts to provide a variety of new high-bandwidth services as part of their local and international business-development plans.

From now until the end of September, all current or new Hutchison GlobalCenter tenants, who have recently concluded agreements for dedicated bandwidth can enjoy this promotion.* Customers who choose the 1Mbps dedicated local or international bandwidth service can also enjoy an extra 2Mbps dedicated local or international bandwidth service free of charge during the first three months of the contract.

Hutchison Global Crossing operates the largest all-fiber-optic network in Hong Kong. With this and parent company Asia Global Crossing's 19,500-mile East Asia Crossing (EAC) and 21,000-mile Pacific Crossing-1 (PC-1) submarine cable, Hutchison GlobalCenter is able to link up Hong Kong customers with all major world destinations and provides abundant bandwidth to handle multimedia applications. And because of this, Hutchison GlobalCenter offers customers the most flexible bandwidth service available, and can supply extra bandwidth in accordance with customers' business needs.

Thanks to state-of-the-art broadband facilities, customers never need to worry about network congestion, and the packet loss rate has been brought down to virtually 0%. In addition, the high quality Hutchison Global Crossing network also reduces the network delay time giving a round-trip response time some 30% faster than average networks, while network uptime is maintained at 99.99%. This, together with professional 7 x 24 technical support and network surveillance service as well as world-class data center facilities, gives all customers access to the most reliable, efficient and hassle-free Internet services.

To help customers to develop their businesses, Hutchison GlobalCenter will present a seminar entitled "Increase your ROI with Infrastructure Outsourcing" at the end of this month. Through this seminar, customers will be able to obtain a better understanding of the benefits of infrastructure outsourcing. For enquiries, please contact our service hotline on 8191 9988.

Customers need to sign a one-year service agreement.