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Frances Ng (Tel: 2128 6739)

9 July 2001

Hutchison Telecom celebrates supreme leadership
in Hong Kong with 10 billion calls on Orange network

Hong Kong's market-leading mobile operator
offers the largest and first-class network, the most advanced technology,
seamless coverage and the widest roaming service

  • The largest mobile network with over 1.7 million users

  • Handles over 12 million calls per day

  • Pioneers in offering advanced mobile technologies such as 2.5G packet data technology with the territory's fastest data transmission speed up to 64kbps

  • Provides seamless network coverage with close to 3,000 radio stations

  • Leading initiatives in building IRDS system in North Lantau Highway and Hongkong Land's commercial buildings in Central for total mobile multimedia coverage

  • The widest international roaming coverage to 158 countries and regions round the world

  • Year-round 24-hour close supervision of network operations and constant network quality management

Hutchison Telecom today announced that it has delivered more than 10 billion calls over the Orange network in the past six years. This shining record underlines Hutchison Telecom's supreme leadership in Hong Kong's mobile market, a position achieved through superior network quality, pioneering technology, seamless coverage, and the widest international roaming service.

Mrs Agnes Nardi, Managing Director of Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited said, "It gives us all great pleasure to celebrate our 10 billionth Orange call since the launch of our digital networks in 1995. This achievement is testimony to the supremacy of our network quality, and signifies our leadership in Hong Kong's mobile network development, with our continuous efforts of developing and enhancing the network."

"The 10 billion calls hallmark also serves as a new starting point for the pursuit of new height in the company's development. We will continue to pursue technical excellence and achieve new breakthroughs in mobile technology, network quality and service innovation. We shall remain committed to providing our customers with the best mobile network in town - one that is of the highest quality and widest coverage." Mrs Nardi added.

The largest mobile operator with the largest network capability

Since 1995, Hutchison Telecom has handled over 10 billion calls on its quality GSM and CDMA networks. From 1999, the Company has remained the largest mobile operator in Hong Kong with the largest subscriber base. Today, Hutchison Telecom boasts the largest network size with over 1.7 million mobile subscribers and processes over 12 million calls per day.

Leader in mobile multimedia with the most advanced technology

Hutchison Telecom has been the pioneer in technology innovation in Hong Kong mobile industry with a number of firsts in introducing the most advanced technologies. Hutchison Telecom pioneered the world's first CDMA commercial network in 1995 and unveiled Asia's first Dualband network, Orange, in 1998. In 1999, Hutchison Telecom was the first operator to bring secure mobile banking service to Hong Kong based on SIM Tool Kit technology.

With the launch of Orangeworld wirefree internet service, the Company became Hong Kong's only mobile operator to offer a wireless Internet platform that supports both GSM and CDMA networks. In August 2000, the Company pioneered Hong Kong's first 2.5G packet data mobile service, offering the territory's fastest data transmission speed up to 64kbps. With a leading position in mobile multimedia development, Hutchison Telecom has taken the lead in many other areas. It introduced:

  • the world's first WAP platform character and ringing tone download service

  • the territory's first colour-display WAP handset and colour WAP portal

  • the territory's first integrated Web-WAP application

  • the territory's first 64kbps wireless modem card

Seamless network coverage and top voice quality with close to 3,000 radio stations and state-of-the-art network features

Hutchison Telecom has already built close to 3,000 radio stations covering over 99% of the populated area in Hong Kong. The number has increased by 40% in the past two years and an average of one new site was constructed per day last year, providing seamless network coverage across the territory.

To ensure customers get top voice quality, Hutchison Telecom continues to lead in deploying advanced network features. For years, the Company has implemented the advanced Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) in GSM and PCS networks, and Enhanced Variable Rate Codec (EVRC) in the CDMA network for superior voice clarity. Last year, the Noise Suppression Echo Cancellors (NSEC) - special features that filter out background noise - have been widely installed in the major business districts and the whole MTRC line.

In addition, the intelligent Synthesizer Frequency Hopping (SFH), Base-band Frequency Hopping (BFH) and Microcellular Algorithm (MA) have significantly improved voice quality and, over the past two years, cut the incidence of "dropped calls" by nearly 30%. Hutchison Telecom upgrades network software as often as twice a year to ensure state-of-the-art quality.

Leading initiatives in building IRDS system in North Lantau Expressway and Hongkong Land commercial buildings in Central for total mobile multimedia coverage

Leading in two prestigious projects of installing Integrated Radio Distribution System (IRDS) underlines Hutchison Telecom's network expertise. In 2000, the Company built IRDS system on North Lantau Expressway. This system provides reliable and good quality RF signal coverage over the entire Lantau Link, including Yam O, Ta Pang Po, Shum Shui Kok, Pak Mong and Tung Chung Highway.

Partnered with Hongkong Land, Hutchison Telecom will take the lead in deploying IRDS system in the nine top-class commercial buildings of Hongkong Land in Central. This system will provide total mobile coverage for voice, data and multimedia communications in all parts of the premises, whether indoors, underground and in MTR stations and tunnels. It also enables future 3G technological developments.

Roaming to 158 countries and regions offers the widest international coverage

Orange's International Automatic Roaming Service offers the territory's widest roaming with coverage* in 158 countries and regions, covering Asia, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Australia and Africa. Hutchison Telecom also partners with 230 roaming mobile operators - more than any other local operators - to provide the best roaming service via its quality networks.

Year-round 24-hour close supervision of network operations and constant network quality management

To provide high-quality radio system management and reducing radio interference, Hutchison Telecom has developed the Radio Network Planning and Management system. Last year, extensive indoor/outdoor call test benchmarking entailed visits to over 1,500 buildings at 8,500 test points, travelling over 9,000 km and making over 250,000 calls. For quality assessment, the performance of the cells is monitored every 30 minutes with analysis of over 20,000 performance indicators and over 6,000 web pages being updated from the network.

Hutchison Telecom operates a 24-hour Centralized Network Control Centre (CNCC) and radio station maintenance centres to monitor the network and provide instant technical surveillance support and resolution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Equipped with a self-monitoring system and manned by hundreds of highly trained staff, the CNCC ensures highest network availability. Hutchison Telecom achieves a network availability of 99.999%, among the best in the industry.

- END -

* Results from latest GSM international automatic roaming coverage competitive tracking, June 2001