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Hutchison CSFBdirect continues to break new ground
for online brokerage services

(HONG KONG, 9th July 2001) Hutchison CSFBdirect today announced the introduction of three new services, which offer clients enhanced flexibility, liquidity and accessibility. The three new services are Monthly Purchase Plan (MPP), Order Dollar Limit (ODL) and Short Messaging System (SMS).

The Monthly Purchase Plan provides clients with a flexible monthly investment program through which they can choose to invest in a range of investment products with a monthly minimum investment of HK$1,500 per product. Initially, The Tracker Fund of Hong Kong will be offered under the Plan.

Clients will be offered a trading facility to enhance their buying power through the introduction of the Order Dollar Limit scheme.

Accessibility will be further enhanced with the Short Messaging System - a service that keeps clients in touch with their accounts any time, anywhere through their mobile phones.

These new services strongly underline Hutchison CSFBdirect's innovative approach. When the Company started operation in January this year, it was the first online broker in Hong Kong to bring its clients the convenience of investing in Hong Kong and US stocks in a single account, supported by multiple service channels via the Internet, WAP-enabled mobile phones, and a 24-hour call centre.

Hutchison CSFBdirect's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Steve Chan, said, "The three new features reflect our application of advanced technology in product innovation and underline our commitment to bringing even greater convenience and wider range of products to investors in Hong Kong."

Hutchison CSFBdirect clients can invest in Hong Kong's Tracker Fund and other products with minimum effort through the MPP, using a convenient single direct debit arrangement. "We will add more products covering the international market under the Plan," Mr. Chan said.

The ODL facility will allow Hutchison CSFBdirect's clients to take advantage of market conditions at all times by permitting them to trade even when they do not have sufficient funds in their account. They can purchase qualified Hong Kong and US stocks equivalent to up to two-and-a-half times the approved asset value of their account. Clients will be required to transfer funds into their account to cover the trade by the next business day, although the time limit may be brought forward in volatile market conditions.

The MPP and ODL will be launched this month while the SMS will be launched next month.

Currently, Hutchison CSFBdirect sends both trade confirmations and price alerts to clients by e-mail. In the first stage of SMS to be launched in August, the company will also send trade confirmations through SMS to clients' mobile phones. Wherever they are in the world, they always know the status of any trade. In the second stage, price alerts will also be sent through SMS.

"The system-generated SMS service will prove extremely useful to clients," he said, "Seconds count in share trading, and this system gives our clients the best chance of maximizing their investment opportunities. This new feature shows we understand that our customers are highly mobile people."

Mr. Chan continued, "Since our launch, we have had an excellent response from investors. Now we are strengthening and diversifying our on-line investment services as a means to ensuring Hutchison CSFBdirect stays way out at the front of the pack."

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About the Company:

Hutchison CSFBdirect (, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a leading online broker, which provides self-directed investors with the information and tools they need to better control their personal investments. Hutchison CSFBdirect is an Asian joint venture established in 2000 between Hutchison Whampoa Limited and CSFBdirect Inc.

Hutchison CSFBdirect provides online brokerage services to Hong Kong investors, and gives them access to a range of financial products in the local as well as international markets. Hutchison CSFBdirect aims to provide quality services that meet the global investment needs of its clients through a secured technology platform.

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