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16 July 2001

84% of local residents support Bathside Bay development

In its efforts to gauge local opinion towards its Bathside Bay container terminal development, Harwich International Port, a subsidiary of Hutchison Ports (UK) Limited, had a telephone survey of local residents undertaken. This survey was carried out by NOP Research Group, one of the UK's leading independent market research companies.

The results have shown that, of the 500 people interviewed, 84% are in favour of the development plans, citing job creation and economic regeneration as the main motivating factors.

Only 7% are against the plans, with the remainder still undecided. Commenting on the results, Andrew Harston, General Manager of the Port, said:

"We believe that the development of Bathside Bay will be good for Harwich and we are extremely pleased that the vast majority of local people support our plans."

"While the results are very encouraging, we will not be ignoring the concerns voiced by some residents regarding the impact on the environment. We are undertaking a full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which will used to develop the overall strategy for the project."

The survey also identified that 66% of local residents feel that the A120 between Harwich and Colchester should be upgraded, whether the development goes ahead or not. Assuming that the development does go ahead, nearly 90% of those interviewed are in favour of dualling the A120.

Ivan Henderson, MP for Harwich, said of the survey:

"I have been extremely impressed by the manner in which Hutchison Ports have approached the Bathside Bay Development; they have been very keen to ensure that the local community as a whole are able to express their views and to have their concerns taken into consideration. I believe that this is just the beginning of an on-going process which will ensure that the Bathside Bay Development and the local community can co-exist."

The new terminal will provide a much needed boost to an area in need of economic regeneration. When complete, the Bathside Bay terminal will boast 1,400 metres of quay and provide 500 additional jobs at the Port, plus many more in associated industries.


Note to editors:

Results of the survey are as follows:

1) From what you know of the development plans would you say you are for or against them?

For: 419 out of 500 = 84%
Against: 33 out of 500 = 7%
Don't know: 48 out of 500 = 10%

2) Why do you say that? (all those who had a opinion about the development plans)

It will create jobs: 364 out of 453 = 80%
Good for the area in general: 128 out of 453 = 28%
It should result in better transport links: 21 out of 453 = 5%
It will bring prosperity to Harwich/economic benefits: 181 out of 453 = 40%
It will make Harwich more like Felixstowe: 10 out of 453 = 2%
It will have a bad environmental impact on the bay: 21 out of 453 = 5%
Not good for the wildlife: 20 out of 453 = 4%
More lorries through the area: 3 out of 453 = 1%
It will spoil the view: 12 out of 453 = 3%
Other (specify): 73 out of 453 = 16%
Don't know: 8 out of 453 = 2%

3) Do you believe that the A120/A12 between Harwich and Colchester should be upgraded if the development goes ahead, upgraded even without this development or not upgraded at all?

Upgraded as a result of this development: 109 out of 500 = 22%
Upgraded whether or not the development goes ahead: 332 out of 500 = 66%
Not upgraded: 39 out of 500 = 8%
Don't know: 20 out of 500 = 4%

Harwich International Port (HWH) is one of the UK's leading multi-purpose freight and passenger ports with excellent road and rail links to the Midlands, London and the South East. It is ideally located for North Sea freight and passenger traffic to and from Scandinavia and the Benelux countries, offering first class ro-ro, ferry, container and bulk operations.

HWH is a member Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH), an independent port investor, developer and operator with operations in 29 ports in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

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