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23 July 2001

Orange leads the local market in providing the widest
coverage of GSM International Automatic Roaming Service

Orange partners with the largest number of worldwide mobile
operators to offer the widest roaming coverage

Orange now leads the local GSM automatic roaming service market by offering coverage of 158 countries and regions round the world - the widest available. Orange has also partnered with 220 roaming mobile operators - also the largest number among local operators - to provide the best level of coverage available through the GSM network.

Orange's GSM International Automatic Roaming Service now extends to 158 countries and regions, covering Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East. Orange also offers customers the convenient International Automatic Satellite Roaming Service that provides total coverage throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Orange roaming subscribers can use a satellite/GSM 900 cellular phone to enjoy the automatic satellite roaming service in 29 destinations in Asia. These include Mainland China, North Korea, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan, Myanmar, South China Sea and Strait of Malacca. Orange users can also use the Orangeworld Roaming Service in Singapore, China and Thailand to benefit from easy access to Orangeworld's vast pool of online content and services anywhere, anytime.

Orange Home Direct Service

Orange will soon provide the Orange Home Direct Service to its IDD and roaming service subscribers. With this new service, subscribers can simply press **129* then dial the Hong Kong phone number from overseas countries via their mobile phone. This service allows users to enjoy a special callback service that enables them to make calls to Hong Kong while travelling abroad at a rate lower than the standard roaming rate. For example, users can save up to 70% on calls made from the UK and more than 50% from countries such as Italy, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia.

For more information on Orange International Automatic Roaming Service, please visit Orange Shops or call the Orange customer services hotline at 1229.

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