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Intec Telecom Systems PLC ("Intec" or "the Group")

Hutchison 3G selects convergent mediation
and billing solution from Intec

London, 25 July 2001 - On 13 July 2001, the Board of Intec announced that the Group was in advanced negotiations in relation to a contract with a leading 3G mobile network provider. The Board of Intec confirms today that the Group has signed a contract with Hutchison 3G UK Limited ("Hutchison 3G"), holder of the UK's largest third generation mobile phone licence. Hutchison 3G has selected Intec to supply convergent mediation and intercarrier billing products to Hutchison Whampoa's UMTS licence holding companies around the world.

The value of the agreement was not disclosed.

Hutchison 3G has licenced two Intec products: Inter-mediatE for convergent mediation and InterconnecT for intercarrier billing. Inter-mediatE will allow Hutchison 3G to acquire information on advanced 3G services being provided over its network, including multimedia messaging and location based high bandwidth services. InterconnecT will allow Hutchison 3G to bill its business partners and other carriers for providing these services.

Colin Tucker, Managing Director of Hutchison 3G UK said: "This agreement clearly demonstrates the advantage Hutchison 3G has as a new entrant to the market. With no legacy systems, we can acquire the best next-generation mediation and billing products."

Intec CEO Kevin Adams said: "Hutchison 3G, as holder of the UK's 'A' licence for a new entrant, has a technically impressive strategy to implement a completely new UMTS network from the ground up. Intec had to demonstrate to Hutchison 3G that our technology was ready to support those plans, as a proven, low-risk solution, and that we had the skills and worldwide support capabilities required for an international rollout."

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Notes to Editors

Intec Telecom Systems PLC

Intec Telecom Systems PLC is a leading publicly-owned provider of Operational Support Systems ("OSS") for fixed, mobile and IP/next-generation networks, with over 200 customers for its products in the US, Europe and Asia-pacific. Founded in 1997, Intec was listed on the London Stock Exchange (Code: ITL.L) in June 2000. Intec is the most successful supplier of packaged intercarrier billing and convergent mediation software, with more installations, and more major telecom operators using its solutions, including many national PTTs and US RBOCs, than any competitor. Intec also provides:

  • Telecoms fraud detection software - Inter-venE
  • InterconnecT ITU - for settlement based on ITU rules
  • InterconnecT CABS - for US CABS intercarrier billing
  • Maxi-RouteTM - a least cost routing package
  • Omni-chargE - billing for all types of non-call telecoms service
  • Additional OSS solutions in provisioning/activation, revenue assurance, etc.

Intec's customer base includes, amongst others, BellSouth, Cable & Wireless, COLT Telecommunications, France Telecom, ITXC, MCI Worldcom, Orange, Swisscom, T-Mobile International, Telia, Telkom South Africa, Telstra, US Cellular and Verizon.

Inter-mediatE, Intec's convergent mediation solution, will enable H3G to offer sophisticated network usage and content based billing models for its leading edge 3G services. The customer usage information will be extracted, correlated and enriched before being passed to a variety of downstream systems, including InterconnecT, retail billing, data intelligence and others. InterconnecT, Intec's market leading intercarrier billing system, will allow Hutchison 3G to bill its business partners, including telecoms carriers, content providers and other third parties such as e-commerce suppliers, for access to its network facilities.

Hutchison 3G

Hutchison 3G UK Limited ("Hutchison 3G") holds licence 'A' (a third generation mobile licence), which was issued by the UK government in May 2000. This licence was the largest block of spectrum auctioned in the UK as it was set-aside for a new entrant to the market. The licence consists of 15mhz of paired spectrum, and 5mhz of unpaired spectrum.

3G is a convergence of mobile telephony and information systems which promises to change people's lives by enabling them to access information when, where and how they want. The 3G standard (agreed throughout Europe, Japan, China, and the rest of Asia) is formally known as UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). It represents a global standard for third generation mobile communication systems and is at the heart of the Hutchison 3G initiative.

Hutchison Whampoa Limited holds a 65 per cent stake in Hutchison 3G, the other major shareholders are NTT DoCoMo (20 per cent) KPN Mobile (15 per cent).