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Frances Ng (Tel: 2128 6739)
3 April 2000

Hutchison Telecom appoints Agnes Nardi as
Managing Director

New management team to take the mobile business in Hong Kong to new levels

Hutchison Telecommunications (Hong Kong) Limited has appointed Agnes Nardi as Managing Director to replace Mr Dennis Lui, who resigned from his position as Managing Director after 13 years with the Group at the end of March 2000 to pursue other interests. The Company has also promoted several senior management executives in a move to further boost its mobile communications business in Hong Kong.

Hutchison Telecom is actively developing WAP mobile Internet services, high-speed data communications and mobile multimedia services, which facilitates its development of third-generation mobile telecommunications in Hong Kong and further strengthens the Company's leading market position.

Nardi to lead mobile business development with new management team

Mrs Agnes Nardi assumes her new role as Managing Director of Hutchison Telecom, effective 1 April 2000. With Mr Stephen Ngan and Mr Cliff Woo as Deputy Managing Directors, Ms Jennifer Tan as Finance Director, Mr Chris Chow as Information Technology Director and Mr Toshiaki Tanaka as Director of Research and Development, the new management team will take the company to new levels in mobile business development.

Mrs Nardi will lead the company's growth in the mobile communications market. She joined Hutchison Whampoa Limited in 1994 and was appointed Finance Director of Hutchison Telecom in 1996 with responsibility for overseeing all finance, administration and legal functions of the Company. Having held senior management positions at various organisations in Hong Kong and Australia, Mrs Nardi has a broad range of management experience.

As Deputy Managing Directors, Mr Ngan and Mr Woo will assist Mrs Nardi in overseeing the affairs of the Company in addition to their respective responsibilities. Mr Ngan will oversee overall marketing and sales operations and planning, while Mr Woo will be responsible for the development and operations of wireless networks as well as defining strategies for introduction of future technologies. Ms Tan will oversee the functions of finance, administration, commercial, legal and regulatory, while Mr Chow will administer the planning, development and implementation of information technology and commerce systems. Joining the team soon, Mr Tanaka will focus on the development of leading edge wireless data technology.

Well equipped to ride into 3G mobile telecommunications

"Our strengthened management team will lead the Company's mobile business to new heights," said Mrs Nardi. "With our proven leadership in the local telecom market and our strength and expertise in communications technology, Hutchison Telecom is creating opportunities that go beyond second-generation technology. We are developing 2.5G and 3G mobile communications systems and services, and are advancing mobile communications development in Hong Kong with our vision of creating a wirefree world."

Hutchison Telecom will continue to enhance its WAP mobile Internet services, while developing its GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) technology for providing high-speed data communications and multimedia services.

In preparation for the third-generation mobile telecommunications, Hutchison Telecom has carried out a series of research programmes on 3G mobile communications technologies with leading mobile equipment manufacturers. The Company will continue to evaluate various 3G technologies such as W-CDMA in order to develop the best 3G telecommunications solutions for the local market and its unique requirements.

Hutchison Telecom, a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Group, is the leading telecommunications operator in Hong Kong. The Company's Orange and Xin Gan Xian networks have a subscriber base of over 1.4 million, which is currently the largest share of the market.

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