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Contact:Frances Ng     (Tel: 893 3333)
Date:3 August 2001

Hutchison Telecom launches its GSM dualband mobile service in Macau
unveiling a fascinating new world of mobile communications

  • Offers seamless coverage in over 99.99% of populated areas
  • Best-quality GSM dualband mobile service catering to different users' needs
  • Leads the market with innovative services including basic voice and value-added services, information service, logo and ringtone downloads, wireless Internet and mobile data service
  • Hutchisonworld wireless internet service offers the richest content with the largest number of WAP sites to meet people's daily needs
  • Provides best-value mobile service with five tailored talk plans, "Heart-To-Heart" and "Roll-over" programme
  • International roaming service covers over 100 countries and regions worldwide, Hong Kong Hutchison users in Macau will enjoy a caller number display function for calls from Hong Kong as well as selected value-added services
  • Widest selection of handsets in the latest models

Hutchison Telecom announced today the grand launch of its GSM dualband mobile service in Macau, providing Macau citizens with seamless coverage in over 99.99% of populated areas, the most comprehensive voice, data and international roaming services, and unveiling Macau's richest, broadest and deepest wireless Internet service to date - Hutchisonworld. The Company also offers the widest selection of handsets, five best-value talk plans, with "Heart-To-Heart" calls and "Roll-over" programme. The Company's initiative is poised to provide Macau citizens with best-value services, and lead Macau's mobile communications industry into a new era of service excellence.

Mr Canning Fok, Group Managing Director of Hutchison Whampoa Limited, remarked: "Today marks an important milestone for Hutchison Telecom as we launch our mobile service in Macau. It also inaugurates the extension of our pioneering mobile services from Hong Kong to Macau, providing mobile users of the two regions with the best quality and innovative services. Leveraging on our rich experience, technical and service excellence in telecommunications, Hutchison Telecom is dedicated to making a contribution to the rapid growth of Macau as one of the major telecommunications centres in Asia Pacific".

Mrs Elizabete Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Hutchison Telephone (Macau) Company Limited, said: "I would like to pay tribute to the support from the Macau Government, our business associates and colleagues in making our service launch a success. With our devotion to network quality, service innovation, and customer care, Hutchison Telecom now provides Macau people with a high-quality network, advanced mobile communications technology, innovative mobile communications and data services, as well as the best-value talk plan, leading Macau into a new communications era."

Provides high-quality voice and international roaming service

Hutchison Telecom's GSM dualband network in Macau now covers over 99.99% of populated areas, and the Company is providing Macau with a rich portfolio of mobile communications services, extensive international roaming coverage and a wide variety of value-added, information services, wireless Internet and mobile data services.

Hutchison Telecom is dedicated to offering the best International Automatic Roaming coverage, extending to major countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

To provide more value-for-money roaming service to visitors frequently travelling between Macau and Hong Kong, Hutchison Telecom provides special "Heart-To-Heart" discounts of 50% to the subscribers making IDD calls to Orange subscribers. Macau Hutchison users will enjoy a special discount on roaming charges when they roam on the Orange network in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Orange users in Macau will also enjoy a caller number display function for calls from Hong Kong and selected value-added services

Innovative logo and ringing tone download services

To better serve Macau customers' personalised communications needs, Hutchison Telecom offers innovative logo and ringing tone download services, where users can choose their favourite logos and songs as their dualband handset ringing tone and screen display. Furthermore, Hutchison Telecom's Picture Message Download Service allows users to download pictures and send them to their friends with personalised messages via designated dualband handsets. Hutchison users can select from over 400 logos for downloading, including Sanrio logos - Hello Kitty, My Melody, PomPomPurin, Little Twin Star, Tabo & XO, as well as characters from CAPCOM, TAITO and NAMCO. Over 50 picture messages and over 20 music ringing tones are also available.

Hutchisonworld offers the richest online content with the largest number of WAP sites

Hutchisonworld wireless internet service offers the richest online content, with unique content and information services from over 30 major content providers, featuring over 110 sites in 8 different categories that cover every aspect of daily life. Hutchisonworld's unique vertical portal design categorizes content into 8 main groups to make searches quick and easy. The 8 categories are "Business", "News", "Hot Sites", "Hutchison Fun", "Entertainment", "Lifestyle", "Convenient Tool" and "My World". The broad coverage meets users' every need, be it related to work, investment and finance, news and entertainment or emergency services.

Real-time information at your fingertips anytime and anywhere

Hutchison Telecom's Personal Concierge and Info Express Services provide an array of Chinese content such as local and international news, financial news and a variety of travel, shopping and entertainment information. Subscribers can also access a wide range of information from "Hutch Info" anytime and anywhere with handsets equipped with the "SIM Tool Kit" technology, without memorising complicated short codes. Real-time information such as Account Info, News & Weather, Finance, Leisure and Useful Hotlines, will be delivered at the touch of a button.

Customers can also enjoy "Live Radio Service" jointly provided by Hutchison Telecom and Metro Broadcast in Hong Kong, and listen to realtime financial and entertainment programmes from "Metro Finance" and "Metro Showbiz" anytime and anywhere.

Offers the best-value service plans and special discounts upon registration

Hutchison Telecom offers five value-for-money service plans to fit the different mobile usage styles of different users. From 4 August 2001 till the interconnection is effective, customers who have pre-registered at Hutchison Telecom's retail shops and subscribed a service plan can enjoy free service trial with the entitled local free airtime, and specified value-added service before 20 August 2001. In addition, customers who have pre-registered before 3 August 2001 and existing Hutchison paging subscribers will also receive free 50 minutes of talk time per month for 12 consecutive months. Moreover, Hutchison Telecom users can enjoy special "Heart-To-Heart" call discounts when making calls to other Hutchison Telecom users. Besides, the "Roll-over" programme allows customers to have flexible usage of airtime.

Widest selection of handsets in town

Hutchison Telecom offers subscribers the widest and most up-to-date selection of dualband and WAP phones, including the headstart offering of Motorola V60, the world's lightest tri-band handset, Motorola V66, Ericsson T39mc equipped with bluetooth, GPRS and WAP technologies, Siemens 6618 and 3618 integrated with GPRS and WAP technologies; plus Nokia 9210 Communicator equipped with Mobile Office function and a 4,096-colour display screen. Other hot models include Nokia 3310, 8250, 8850 and 8890 and NEC DB5000. WAP handsets include Motorola A6288 and 8088, which integrates mobile phone and PDA functions, multi-functioned Siemens 6688 and Nokia 6210, plus the world's thinnest Sony MZ5 and Z28 handset, providing Macau users with the broadest range of trendy handsets.

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