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Frances Ng (Tel : 2128 6739)
5 October 2001

Hutchison Telecom was awarded the "Best Practice Partner"
in all three aspects of Hong Kong Productivity Council's
Customer Service Consortium Benchmarking Study

Hutchison Telecom today announced the Company has been awarded the "Best Practice Partner" title on Call Centre, Service Centre and Billing, presented by Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) in all three aspects of its Customer Service Consortium Benchmarking Study. Hutchison Telecom is the only organization that has been accredited with the title in all three aspects of the Benchmarking Study. The distinction further confirms Hutchison Telecom's achievement in providing high-quality customer services.

Hutchison Telecom was invited to take part in the Consortium Benchmarking Study conducted by the HKPC along with other major corporations. The Study aims to identify and examine best practices in supporting and delivering customer service via Call Centre, Customer Service Centre and Billing, allowing corporations to enhance their managerial skills, improve service quality, and thus maximize customer satisfaction level.

Agnes Nardi, Managing Director of Hutchison Telecom, said, "We are very honoured to be the only company being accredited with the 'Best Practice Partner' title in all three aspects of the Study. As Hong Kong's leading telecommunication company, Hutchison Telecom offers not only the best network with the most innovative services and products to Orange users, but also delivers top quality customer services by adopting the most advanced technology and facilities, and nurturing more CS professionals. These awards are recognition of our dedication and commitment to the provision of excellent customer services, and are a driving force for us to continue our pursuit for excellence."

One-stop-shop and customer-focus services at Customer Services Centres

  • Computerised ticketing queuing system shortens the queuing time of customers
  • Open communications with customers to foster good relationship

Hutchison Telecom is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most comprehensive customer services for its users and opening up more communications channel. There are three one-stop-shop Customer Services Centres throughout the territory to offer customers the best quality customer services. A full range of services is available including service applications, change of service plans, handset maintenance, trade-in and sales services as well as payments services. Each Centre is conveniently located and spacious offering the most convenient and comprehensive service. A most innovative computerised ticketing queuing system is also deployed to shorten the queuing time of customers.

High-quality and professional staff are well-trained to provide very efficient and high-quality customer services. Customers can try the very latest products and services offered by Orange at the innovative handset and Internet corner in the Centre. Orange Supreme customers are specially served at special counters and VIP rooms. Professional technical experts are also standly to offer assistance and advice on products and services, and perform service demonstration. In addition, the extension of Customer Services Centre's service to retail outlets allows customers to enjoy more convenient after-sales services such as change of services, service application, transfer of handset ownership, change of mobile number and customer retention.

Best Quality Service with Professional Hotline Staff at Call Centre

  • New Customer Relationship Management System ensures customers can be served instantly
  • Proactive approach to strenghten customer communications

Aside from the one-stop-shop services, Hutchison Telecom also provides the best and most comprehensive hotline services at the Call Centre, which processes over 120 thousand calls daily. With the advanced Customer Relationship Management System, IVRS system and professional hotline staff, customers can easily obtain the latest information on their accounts, services, handset and promotion available via the phone. A specialized team for handling complicated follow-up cases is available to deal with our customers flexibly while the Quality assurance department oversees the overall service quality. The highest service quality can be maintained through ensuring staff performance adhered to the "Service Performance Index".

To better serve the needs of the customers, Hutchison Telecom's professional hotline staff will proactively access the integrated customer data for more complete customer profile. They will also conduct survey, participate in various customer service activities including "mystery customers" program and Customer Focus Groups on a regular basis to open up more communications channels and further strengthen the customer communications.

Accurate and timely bill services

  • Effective internal organisation in providing accurate and timely phone bills
  • Simple and convenient bill payment services

Hutchison Telecom has pioneered a most versatile and flexible billing service, offering 28 bill cycles per month, with a bill presentation that is comprehensive and easy to understand. Different departments within the company work together closely to ensure that bills are always produced in a most accurate and timely manner. An internal audit team regularly reviews the billing process for maximum security and controls in place. On the other hand, customers have access to the most comprehensive and convenient payment channels which include the Orange Shops, the Orange Customer Services Centres, Automatic Teller Machines, the Payment by Phone Service, Internet Bill Payment at web site, and WAP phone bill payment via Orangeworld.

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