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October 31, 2001

Hutchison Global Crossing launches
online enquiry on local phone service

Hutchison Global Crossing (HGC) is pleased to announce the launch of "Online Enquiry on Local Phone Service" on its website.

Online Enquiry allows the public to enquire about HGC's covered service areas for the Local Phone service, and to sign up for HGC local phone services with just a click on the Internet, anytime, anywhere.

The website is comprised of three parts: an information section about HGC's self-built fibre optic network, Type II interconnection network updates, and a search engine for users to enquire about their service area.

Users can now retrieve details about HGC's fibre optic ring, which is the largest network in Hong Kong consisting of over 2,000 km of fibre optic and subsea cable throughout the territory with access to 350,000 km of fibre optic core. HGC offers access to approximately 3,000 buildings in Hong Kong and direct connections to almost 2,000 buildings, including public housing estates and Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) flats as well as private housing estates.

At present, 75% of HGC's customers obtain local phone services via the company's self-built fibre optic network. The remainder are connected by Type II Interconnection, an auxiliary channel offering services in designated areas by renting the network of another local fixed network operator. In accordance with its objective of providing the best services to customers, HGC also links 22 interconnection exchanges throughout the territory, more than any other new fixed telecommunications network services operator.

To enquire about whether a particular property falls under HGC's service area or not, customers can access our "Customer Service" section at Click on "Enquiry on Local Phone Service", then "Enquiry on Service Area", and key in the name of the estate. The results will be shown immediately and online application is allowed.

Hutchison Global Crossing acquired a Fixed Telecommunications Network Services licence in 1995. Since then it has been vigorously building a brand new fixed fibre optic network to provide more diversified and advanced telecom services to local business and residential customers, helping Hong Kong become an information hub. Last month HGC successfully signed a HK$4,400 million syndicated term loan. The proceeds will be used to finance the company's infrastructure expenditure, which will accelerate the construction of HGC's fibre optic and last-mile networks, rapidly increasing the number of buildings covered. Updated information will be posted on HGC's website.

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