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Product withdrawal in relation to stevioside

(Hong Kong, 21st March 2002) There has been some concern recently about products containing the substance stevioside.

PARKnSHOP is following the Food Environmental Hygiene Department's (FEHD) advice and has removed those products which we carry and which are on the current FEHD's stevioside list. The products affected are:

1) Nissin Cup Udon (Beef)

2) Nissin Cup Udon (Tempura)

3) Nissin Cup Udon (Curry)

4) Nissin UFO Oomori Yaki Soba Instant Noddle

5) Kiku Prawn Cracker

6) Kiku Cuttle Fish Cracker

7) QQ Mark Sunflower Seeds

8) Pringles Potato Crips (Mild Salt Flavour)

Those customers who have bought any of these products from PARKnSHOP will be able to return them to the PARKnSHOP store where they bought the product for a full refund of the retail price.

PARKnSHOP will continue to work closely with the FEHD and will follow its advice as this issue develops.