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TOM.COM launches 2002 World Cup website

Hong Kong, April 19, 2002 - TOM.COM LIMITED's ("TOM" or "TOM Group", stock code: 8001) portal business WWW.TOM.COM has launched a Chinese-language website dedicated for the 2002 World Cup ( The website aims at providing TOM.COM users comprehensive information and around-the-clock news coverage of the World Cup and particularly of the Chinese Soccer Team. TOM.COM has teamed up with four international news agencies, including China News Services, Korea's Yonhap News Agency, Japan's Kyodo News and Germany's Deutsche Presse-Agentur for extensive coverage.

CITIC Industrial Bank is title sponsor for the website and so far a dozen large mainland corporates sponsors including China Unicom and Hisense (a Shandong-based telecommunications equipment manufacturer) have signed up as sponsors.

The website consists of 15 info-related channels and 7 interactive channels. TOM.COM will send special correspondents to Korea and Japan to cover the event and commission well-known sports reporters to write for the website. Members of the Chinese Soccer Team will also be keeping an online diary in the website. The website, combining TOM.COM's online strength and its expertise in online sports news (via online sports subsidiary, aims to offer comprehensive and latest information on the World Cup and 80% of its content is original.

The website features a short message function with which subscribers are able to access latest World Cup news on their mobile phones.

At the same time, TOM's sports subsidiary, YC Companies, has become the exclusive agent for the Chinese version of the 2002 World Cup Official Guide. Both TOM's online and sports marketing units have shown that they are able to explore and secure new business opportunities, taking advantage of their leadership position in China's online and sports marketing sectors.


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