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PARKnSHOP reiterates that pork price cuts are permanent

Hong Kong, 6 May 2002 - With reference to developing news about price-cuts on fresh pork, PARKnSHOP would like to state as follows:

1. PARKnSHOP is committed to offering our customers unbeatable value and best quality products. Last week we announced a major reduction in the price of fresh pork as part of our 'Feed Your Family for Less' campaign. We stand by our promise to offer permanently low prices on fresh pork. Under our new simplified pricing structure, we are offering fresh pork cuts at one of three price points - HK$15, HK$19 and HK$22 per catty.

2. PARKnSHOP checks prices constantly to ensure that we offer unbeatable value. Every week PARKnSHOP has more than 3,000 yellow-labelled products on promotion - each covered by our PRICEWATCH promise to be the lowest price in Hong Kong. Fresh pork is one of the many great deals available in PARKnSHOP, and all our fresh pork is covered by the PRICEWATCH lowest price guarantee.

3. PARKnSHOP is not compromising on quality:

  • Our pork comes from Ng Fung Hong and is as fresh as those in wet markets.
  • Furthermore, it is transported direct to our stores in low temperature, sealed trucks from a temperature-controlled pork cutting room.
  • Additional quality, safety and hygiene assurance is maintained through PARKnSHOP's world-class quality control measures on the supply chain (see attachment for details).

4. Due to circumstances beyond our control, PARKnSHOP regrets that fresh pork is not on sale at our stores today (May 6, 2002). We apologise for any inconvenience to our customers but re-assure them that we are working hard to resume the normal supply of fresh pork tomorrow (May 7, 2002). As always, PARKnSHOP remains determined to bring our customers the best-quality fresh produce at the lowest possible prices. PARKnSHOP is firmly committed to providing customers with safe, fresh, hygienic and value-for-money produce.

- ends -

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For Media Enquiry:

Please call Ms Teresa Pang, Public Relation Manager of PARKnSHOP at Media Hotline    2687 5602


Supply of fresh pork at PARKnSHOP : from farm to our stores

  • Through traceability, we control our pork from the farm to our stores.
  • From the Ng Fung Hong slaughterhouse in Sheung Shui, butchered pigs are delivered under temperate-controlled conditions to a new state-of-the-art pork-cutting facility in Fanling.
  • Carcasses are hung up so they clear of contamination en route.
  • At the cutting plant, pig carcasses are lifted onto an overhead rail, to avoid touching the floor -- the first system of its kind in Hong Kong.
  • Carcasses are cut on plastic chopping blocks and placed in trays that are washed automatically before being used.
  • In a HK$1m chemical testing laboratory, we additionally check for drugs like Clenbuterol.
  • Pork is delivered to stores in temperature-controlled trucks, as per the law.
  • A world-class handling and distribution system transports fresh and hygienic pork from abattoir, and cutting plant to our superstores and supermarkets.
  • And it is as fresh as any other meat in Hong Kong - delivered alive at 1:30am every morning to the slaughterhouse, and on sale when superstores and supermarkets open a few hours later.