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YICT takes delivery of nine new RTGCs

[26 June 2002, SHENZHEN] Today at 9:55 a.m., the equipment carrier Zhenhua No.1, under Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co Ltd (ZPMC), arrived at YICT to deliver nine rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGCs). The newly purchased equipment will come on stream immediately following technical commissioning.

These cranes are the first batch among the 17 RTGCs that YICT ordered from ZPMC this year. The delivery vessel Zhenhua No.1 departed from Jiangyin Base on 21 June and berthed at YICT after a five-day's sailing. The remaining eight RTGCs will be delivered in early July.

Each of the new RTGCs is "one-over-five high", making them exceptionally proficient at meeting the requirements of demanding container operations. The first batch of nine will be tested individually and is expected to enter production within 10 days. The equipment will vastly improve the productivity of the container yard, providing a dramatic percentage increase in YICT's overall operations rate.

As an additional benefit, the new RTGCs will accelerate container turnover tremendously, improving YICT's service to truckers. Mr Kenneth Tse, YICT's General Manager, said that YICT's investment in upgrading the local traffic conditions was part of an ongoing effort.

Upon operation of the newly purchased 17 RTGCs, the number of YICT's cranes will be 70.

Nine newly purchased RTGCs are delivered to YICT at 9:55 a.m., 26 June 2002.
The picture shows the carrier "Zhenhua No.1".