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TOM launches global TOMNET dial-up service

Hong Kong, August 7, 2002 - TOM.COM LIMITED ("TOM" or "the TOM Group", stock code: 8001) announced today the launch of a global TOMNET dial-up service in cooperation with GRIC, an international roaming services company. Offered by TOM's Mainland portal, the service allows users "seamless roaming" in 109 countries and more than 5,000 cities including the U.S., Canada, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.

The TOMNET Global Roaming Card is the latest addition to the TOMNET Internet access card service, which was first introduced to the market in June last year by TOM. TOMNET offers users a one-stop selection of dial-up access among leading ISPs in 2,500 Mainland China cities. So far 3.5 million cards have been sold.

The new service targets Mainland businessmen and frequent travellers who need to log on the Internet while overseas. With the TOMNET Global Roaming Card and an intelligent dial-up software, users only need to key in a number corresponding the country they are staying in for dial-up access.

The TOMNET Global Roaming Card has face values of RMB100, RMB300 and RMB500, available at any of the 2,000 TOMNET distribution and retail outlets in Mainland China. Users can also buy the global roaming card online at Users will get a complimentary CD, containing tips on overseas travels, with each purchase of the global roaming card.

There are three rates for international Internet-access: RMB0.4 per minute for "high volume traffic" places such as the U.S and Hong Kong; RMB0.9 per minute for "popular destinations" such as Europe, Americas and Asia and RMB1.1 per minute for "infrequent destinations" such as Africa. Using the card in China, the rate is only RMB0.05 per minute.


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