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CAT joins hands with Hutchison to launch "Hutch" as a marketing service brand for CDMA 1X

(BANGKOK, November 29, 2002) Hutchison CAT Wireless MultiMedia Ltd., a joint venture between The Communications Authority of Thailand and Hutchison Wireless Multimedia Holding Ltd., is launching "Hutch" as a marketing service brand for its CDMA 1X technology mobile phone service.

Mr. Kraisorn Pornsutee, Chairman of The Communications Authority of Thailand, today disclosed details of the launch event, saying: "The advancement in technology will make our lives easier and enhance our lifestyles. Telecommunications have become an everyday necessity, as shown by the steady growth in numbers of mobile phone users in Thailand. CAT realizes the importance of providing consumers with greater value and convenience. Today I am very pleased to offer mobile users more choices through the latest mobile services of CDMA 1X, which has higher capabilities enabling multimedia and entertainment functions."

"CAT is pleased to have Hutchison as a partner. Hutchison is a strong global player, resourceful and highly experienced in telecommunications operations using new technologies. We are very proud and highly confident that the best practices and technology that Hutchison brings to Thailand will greatly enhance local telecommunications," Mr. Pornsutee added.

Mr. Stephen Sun, President and CEO of Hutchison CAT Wireless MultiMedia Ltd., said: "Today we unveil the 'Hutch' brand in preparation for the launch of the service. We believe that the ultimate success of this business will come from the customer experience and the brand is the first and the most important vehicle to communicate this experience to customers."

" 'Hutch' will bring to customers information, communication and entertainment on the move in ways never before possible. The company will not try to change the way people live their lives, but enable them to fulfill their lives better by bringing usefulness and enjoyment together at the same time."

"We are honored to be a partner of the CAT in offering a variety of new and innovative mobile services to customers. 'Hutch' will bring simplicity to the complex technology to help people in their daily lives." He concluded.

About the company

Hutchison CAT Wireless MultiMedia Ltd. is a joint venture between The Communications Authority of Thailand and Hutchison Wireless Multimedia Holding Ltd. The company has been awarded a contract to provide marketing services for Digital CDMA mobile telephone services. The services include voice and advanced data applications with emphasis on leading-edge, state of the art services and products.

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