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3: the summer offer ready to take off -
Turn in your old terminal and get a discount

No set up charge for voice calls for the summer. A 30-million-euro advertising campaign "on air". New Privilege and Executive profiles ready after the Top 3 launch phase.

Milan, 23 May 2003 -- 3, the Italian Mobile Video Company of the Hutchison Whampoa Group, gathers all its distribution-channel representatives in Sharm-el-Sheik these days for its first commercial convention, and presents the news for the summer.

With ESTATE 3, the promotion available from 3 June to 31 August, entering the world of mobile videocommunication will be even easier: if you turn in an "old generation" terminal (Tacs or Gsm), you get a 250-discount on the purchase of the UMTS videofoninoR. Those who subscribe the EXECUTIVE or 3 PER TRE or the pre-paid 3 CINQUANTA will have a Nec e-606 or Nec e-808 videofonino at the price of 495 (VAT included). Those who choose the PRIVILEGE subscription, the profile provisioned with the rental of the terminal, will have a bonus of 250 accredited on the May 2004 invoice.

Starting on May 20 and until the end of summer, all clients - old and new - who choose the pre-paid 3 CINQUANTA, will not pay the set up charge for national and international voice calls.

The tariff plans presented for the commercial launch of the service, TOP3PRIVILEGE e TOP3EXECUTIVE, are no longer available, substituted respectively by PRIVILEGE e EXECUTIVE. The formula "all inclusive" remains unchanged for both offers, now including 20 hours of voice calls per month, 10 hours of videocalls per month, 400 SMS, 100 MMS and VMS (Videomessage), 200 content of the mobile portal and 200 e-mails. If these thresholds are exceeded, the followign tariffs are applied: the voice call costs 0.12 (VAT included) per minute and, for the summer period, without the set up charge, the videocall costs 0.48 (VAT included) per minute with a 0.15 set up charge (VAT included); 0.15 for an SMS (VAT included), 0.48 for a videomessage or an MMS (VAT included), while the contents of the 3 mobile portal are charged on the basis of their typology.

Besides these two new offers, the 3 PER TRE suscription and the pre-paid 3 CINQUANTA offers are still available, both with a flat tariff, valid 24-7, and regardless of the number you're calling.

The price is 15 cent/min. for the voice calls towards every landline and mobile national number, for all the summer period without the 15 cent set up charge; while the national videocall costs 55 cent/min., with a 15 cent set up charge. A national SMS costs 15 cent, and for an MMS or a VMS the cost is 55 cent. All the prices are VAT included.

The "3 PER TRE" subscription has the same tariffs, with a 6 monthly fee, plus the governative tax equal to 5.16 for personal use or 12.91 for business use and a further opportunity: the possibility to videocall two selected 3 numbers at the same price of a voice call and send videomessagges and/or MMS toward the same numbers at the cost of an SMS.

Starting on 1 June, a 30-million-euro advertising campaign will be "on air", with a massive planning on all the most important media and 3 new 30-second, TV subjects.

3 - It is the commercial brand of H3G, the first mobile video company of the Italian market. After having won the UMTS license in Italy, in November 2000, with an offer of 3.25 billion of euro, 3 aims to the leadership in the third generation market. In its shareholder there are first-rate Italian and international players in telecommunications, Internet and new media, publishing and banking. Hutchison Whampoa is the majority shareholder with 88.2% of the corporate capital. The other shareholders are CIR, S. Paolo Imi, BMI, HDP, Gemina and Tiscali.

Gian Marco Litrico
External and Media Relations Director
02 4458.2129