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TOM.COM and ORANGE join forces to bring
orange users exclusive WAP content and
the world no.1 online secure payment platform

Hong Kong, May 16, 2000---- TOM.COM LIMITED (TOM.COM or TOM) and Orange today jointly announced that Orange WAP phone users will be able to enjoy the exclusive access to the wide variety of unique and exciting content in TOM's cyber world when TOM.COM unveils its ten content portals in June.

In addition, TOM.COM and Orange intend to bring and promote to all Orange mobile phone users TOM's proprietary and the world's first secure online payment platform, "tom Online Payment" or TOP. This service will be made available in June to tie in with TOM's grand content launch.

On the WAP content cooperation, Orange WAP users will first be able to enjoy the privilege access to TOM's news content by the end of May. The TOM-Orange cooperation will extend to the upcoming diversified WAP content of TOM that spans across sports, lifestyle, personal finance, self enrichment, travel, games, love & relationships, music & movie and culture when these rich and compelling content of TOM's rolls out in June.

"It is our objective to avail an extensive and exciting WAP content to cater to different subscribers' interests. Our cooperation with TOM further strengthens our content access and variety, and enhances our competitive edge," said Stephen Ngan, Deputy Managing Director and Sales & Marketing Director (Wireless) of Hutchison Telecom.

"We look forward with excitement the grand launch of our unique content in June and are making sure the content is WAP ready. Our cooperation with Orange offers an added medium of access to TOM which we are confident that it will continue to attract considerable visitors and registered users," said Carl Chang, CEO of TOM.COM.

Separately, TOM.COM and Orange intend to jointly offer the TOP service exclusively to all Orange subscribers. TOP is an innovative micro payment solution conceived and developed by the technology team behind TOM.COM. With the objective to offer enhanced security when making purchases online, users are offered an alternative payment choice via the mobile phone apart from the existing credit card payment platform. After users select their choice of merchandise and the phone payment arrangement, an "activation" code will be sent instantly to their handsets via the Short Message Service (SMS). The code has to be keyed onto the PC screen to confirm and complete the transaction. This secure application can also be used on WAP phones acting as a mobile commerce tool at a later stage.

"This pioneering technology of ours is a perfect convergence of wireless communications and the Internet which has separated ourselves from the others in the Internet business. To make shopping in TOM's cyber world a secure, worry-free and enjoyable experience is the ultimate goal behind this revolutionizing development. With Orange's strong presence in the mobile phone market as well as its board customer reach, we believe that our plan to jointly promote this proprietary payment solution with Orange can bring us marketing benefits," said Carl Chang.

Mr Chang added that TOP will be in full gear when TOM introduces its virtual shopping mall—TOM SHOP—to tie in with its grand content launch in June.

"The cooperation with TOM is a further proof of Orange's commitment to bring to our subscribers the latest technology and convenience. TOP is a service with lots of expandable features and will be an added service to our users complementing the fast growth of e-commerce and m-commerce. We shall continue to bring to our subscribers rich and compelling content, and allow them to enjoy the fun and convenience of wirefree communications," said Stephen Ngan.

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Issued by WORLDCOM Hong Kong Limited on behalf of TOM.COM LIMITED and Orange. For enquiries, please contact:-

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Helen Lam, Tel: 2121 7811; Fax: 2189 7697; e-mail: [email protected]

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