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New price plans and Video for Voice offer spearhead 3's Christmas push

VideoTalk 100 at £15 a month broadens 3's mass appeal

September 30th 2003 London

Video mobile network 3 today unveiled a new £15 a month price plan that brings video mobile services within the reach of everybody in the UK with a mobile phone contract.

3 also announced Football 500 and a new range of add-on content bundles, which combined with existing price plans, bring the full range of video mobile services, including video calling, to the 14 million* people currently on a monthly mobile contract.

VideoTalk 100: offering one hundred voice minutes a month, for a monthly commitment of £15. As with all the VideoTalk price plans, VideoTalk 100 is designed to be easy to understand and the voice minutes can be used within the UK to call any network, at any time. VideoTalk 100 offers great value to anyone who currently has a contract and spends £15 a month or more.

Football 500: 3 also unveiled a monthly price plan designed for football fans. Football 500 is a £30 per month tariff that combines 500 voice minutes to any network at any time with unlimited football video highlights and text alerts. 3 now offers the most comprehensive mobile football service in the UK - with video highlights, including near live goals, from Barclaycard Premiership and UEFA Champions League games, as well as text alerts and team news.

Video for voice: with this innovative offer, customers signing up to any of 3's VideoTalk price plans will benefit from the 'Video for Voice' promotion, video calls within the UK for the same price of voice calls. Aimed at attracting customers to 3's video mobile network in the busy Christmas sales period, the offer means that for 3 months new customers can make video calls for the cost of voice calls and use video calls as well as voice calls from their monthly bundle. The offer applies to customer's initial 3months of a 12 month contract.

Add-ons: 3 is also introducing a range of add-ons designed to give customers the flexibility to customise their mobile package to deliver the best value. In line with all 3's price plans the add-ons are designed to be simple and easy to understand. They include:

  • Add text: Aimed at text users, the £5 per month add-on covers 75 outgoing text messages, bringing the cost per text down to 6.7p a text, a reduction of one third from 10p
  • Add football: For £5 per month, 3 customers can access unlimited football content, including Barclaycard Premiership and UEFA Champions League video clips, video and text alerts and team news.
  • Add entertainment: unlimited access to 3's movies, classic comedy, and showbiz content for £5 per month.
  • Add Unlimited: Unlimited content for £10 per month - football, showbiz, movies, comedy, news, weather, location-based content and horoscopes, plus video content from MTV, including live lounge performances and Jackass.**

The new price plans and the three-month long promotion 'video for voice' will be available, from October 1st.

Bob Fuller, 3 CEO said: "Video mobile is here and 3 is the network that will be offering customers better value this Christmas and beyond. The new price plans are further proof of this commitment and they're also a significant step forward in the way that we charge for our services. The combination of new price plans, with one aimed specifically at Football fans and add-ons, allows our customers to tailor a package that delivers the best value for the content and services they really want. The video for voice offer is the icing on the cake - it makes an already compelling 3 price plan even better value."

Gareth Jones, 3 COO said: "3 believes that anyone with a monthly mobile contract would get more for their money by switching to 3. The new £15 tariff extends the value for which 3 is known to the contract market as a whole. If you have a contract, and there are over 14 million* mobile phone owners who do, 3 believes you would benefit by switching to a VideoTalk price plan. Our new range add-ons are further proof of 3's commitment to offer customers better value than they've ever had from a mobile network."

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Hutchison 3G UK Limited deliver third-generation mobile multimedia and communications services under the 3 brand in the UK, offering a convergence of media, information and telephony to enable live video calls, multimedia content and entertainment while on the move.

3 services are available from sister companies in Australia, Austria, Italy and Sweden. 3 also holds UMTS licences in Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel and Norway.

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*Based on figures from Oftel, showing there are 14.7 million mobile contract customers in the UK.

**Add Unlimited and Add entertainment excludes digital extras such as ringtunes, wallpapers and Top Shelf.

***Add-ons have a minimum 3 month term and Add football, Add entertainment and Add unlimited have the added benefit of offering 1 month free.

VideoTalk inclusive voice minutes can be used for 3 to 3 national video calling for first 3 months. International voice and video calls and certain other special calls are excluded. Details are on