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22 May 2000

Hutchison Telecom unites wireless service brands under Orange
Orangeworld Wirefree Internet Service to lead
Hong Kong mobile communications into new era

Orangeworld provides the richest, broadest and deepest
Chinese online content to meet consumers' diverse daily needs via WAP phones

  • Partnerships with the largest number of content providers

  • Largest number of sites to meet consumers' daily needs

  • Vertical portal design categorises content into 11 main groups to make content search easier than ever

  • Exclusive applications from over 40 content providers

  • Hong Kong's first mobile phone online shopping services to allow shoppers to pay via phone bills

  • Widest selection of WAP handsets in town

  • First in Hong Kong to offer high-speed wireless internet services

  • First in Hong Kong to provide wireless internet services for both Dual Band GSM and CDMA users

    (Hong Kong 22 May 2000) - Hutchison Telecom has underscored its leadership in mobile communications with the official launch of Orangeworld, Hong Kong's richest, broadest and deepest wirefree internet service to date.

    Bringing together more than 85 of the hottest content providers, Orangeworld wirefree internet service provides Dual Band GSM and CDMA users in Hong Kong with several leading service offerings, including the richest Chinese content in terms of breadth and depth, the largest number of sites and categories, the largest number of exclusive applications, the strongest m-commerce services, the most comprehensive entertainment content, as well as the widest selection of WAP handsets. The company's innovative initiative is poised to lead Hong Kong's mobile internet industry into a new era of service excellence.

    Hutchison Telecom has also unified the brand names of all of its wireless services, including Orange Dual Band, Xin Gan Xian CDMA, Everyday PCS and paging services. This means all these services will be marketed under the Orange brand from now on. The unification reaffirms Orange's brand values and its vision of a wirefree communications world, serving to further consolidate Orange's top brand image in Hong Kong.

    "The mobile internet and third-generation mobile communications are the major trends of development for the global mobile industry as well as for Hutchison Whampoa. Hutchison Telecom's united brand initiative and the launch of Orangeworld encapsulate our wirefree vision, marking an important strategic move of Hutchison towards assuming a leading role in the future mobile communications market," said Mr Canning Fok, Group Managing Director of Hutchison Whampoa Limited.

    "Thanks to NTT DoCoMo for its extensive experience in content design and technical expertise, as well as for assisting us in teaming up with overseas content providers, we have successfully launched the most advanced and content-rich wirefree internet service in town. Orangeworld is a major step for us to achieve our target to become the market leader in mobile internet services in Hong Kong."

    Ms Agnes Nardi, Managing Director of Hutchison Telecom, said, "Orangeworld is a major breakthrough for the development of mobile internet services in Hong Kong. By teaming up with over 85 content providers to offer over 230 sites, and signing up with over 40 of them to offer exclusive applications, Orangeworld delivers the strongest on-line content and easiest-to-use wirefree internet service to mobile users in Hong Kong. We have the most relevant content to meet the everyday needs of customers with different preferences and lifestyles. It is our mission to make customers' lives easier, richer and more enjoyable."

    Largest Number of Sites and Categories Provide Most Comprehensive Content

    Orangeworld wirefree internet service offers the richest content, featuring over 230 sites in 11 different categories that cover every aspect of daily life. The 11 categories are: "My Homepage", "Hot News", "M-commerce", "Current Affairs", "Entertainment", "Investment and Finance", "Travel Guide", "Lifestyle Information", "Education", "Technology" and "Convenient Tool". The broad content coverage meets users' every need, whether it be related to work, investment and finance, entertainment and mobile shopping, or in respect of healthcare, learning and insurance.

    Widest Range of Exclusive Applications and Services

    Orangeworld provides WAP users with unique content and information services from over 40 leading content providers. These exclusive offerings include Hong Kong's first i-mode game - Miracle GP from Hudson, dining guide and e-coupon from, comprehensive mobile online shopping services from Chinese Books Cyberstore, diversified information services from TOM.COM, interactive financial and encyclopedic services from Skynet, the most comprehensive current affairs news, entertainment and lifestyle information from Orisun, mobile online movie ticketing service by CityLine, pop music news from, the latest property valuation services from Chung Sen Surveyor, mobile online auction services from and much more. Orangeworld offers the widest range of exclusive content and services, bringing all the joy of the internet to the mobile world.

    Innovative Design Provides Valuable User-friendly Personalised Services

    Orangeworld's unique vertical portal design categorises content into 11 main groups to make content search quick and easy. Orangeworld offers "My Homepage" to provide users on-the-go with a mobile e-mail account, personal folder, diary and bookmark functions. Such features add great convenience to users' online experience while keeping them organised and in touch with their day-to-day activities and personal information. On top of that, fun and friendly graphic designs such as greetings, category and weather icons, are applied to numerous functions to make information search easier than ever, while convenient alert functions including stock price alerts and travel package alerts ensure users will never miss an important opportunity.

    Knowledge of Consumer Needs Produces Fully Catered Content

    Orangeworld draws together the largest number of content providers in Hong Kong to offer a wide variety of online services to match consumers' diverse styles and tastes. These include an online chatroom MCQ, mobile e-mail, electronic greeting cards, online interactive games, dining guide, etc.

    Orangeworld also provides users with Hong Kong's first mobile shopping service that allows shoppers to pay for merchandise via their mobile-phone bills in lieu of supplying credit card information. This unique offering gives users peace of mind as they shop for products and services through their WAP handsets. Orangeworld offers a wide variety of shopping items for users, including CDs, books, company products, gifts, health products, household products, groceries, electrical appliances and high-tech products.

    The First in Hong Kong to Offer High-Speed Wireless Internet Services

    Hutchison Telecom is the only telecom operator in Hong Kong to provide wireless internet services for both Dual Band GSM and CDMA WAP users. The Company has also pioneered a high-speed wireless internet service that supports QNC (Quick Net Connect) 14.4kbps data transmission, enabling customers to download large volumes of data within 5 seconds. Hutchison Telecom is also actively developing IS95B and GPRS technologies as part of its migration to third-generation mobile communications, which will allow much higher data transmission rates. The broad range of content and applications offered by Orangeworld well demonstrates Hutchison Telecom is fully committed to providing innovative and exciting third generation applications.

    Widest Selection of WAP Handsets in Town

    Orange offers wireless internet subscribers the widest and most up-to-date variety of Dual Band and CDMA WAP phones. CDMA WAP handsets include the exclusive choice of two new state-of-the-art models -- LG SD500 and the upcoming Samsung N101 -- both of which support QNC 14.4 kbps technology.

    For Dual Band wireless internet handsets, Orange provides the exclusive Siemens 3508i which offers a variety of innovative settings, and headstarts Motorola A6188 which has integrated mobile phone and PDA functions. Other hot models include the world's first tri-band wireless internet handset Motorola L2000i, Siemens 3568i and Nokia 7110. Orange will also offer the ultra light and slim Ericsson R320sc in the near future. Overall, Orange provides Hong Kong WAP users with the widest selection of trendy wireless internet handsets, enabling them to connect to the wirefree world of Orangeworld services anytime, anywhere.

    During the promotion period, customers can enjoy 50 minutes of Orangeworld wirefree internet service for 3 consecutive months upon payment of the first monthly fee of HK$25. WAP connection minutes and basic air-time minutes are interchangeable from now until 30 September 2000.

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