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Milan, Italy - December 4th, 2003

3: "3 for Business Open" launched, the first partnership program
with third parties to bring business applications into mobility.

Together with 3, Sun Microsystems AND Cisco Systems to develop the first catalogue of 3G
applications for Italian firms.

- 3, the Italian Mobile Video Company of the Hutchison Whampoa Group, launches "3 for Business Open", the first program for the development of mobile applications that exploit fully the potential offered by third generation technology.

For the first time a mobile operator makes available instruments and platforms to the software houses and system integrators for developing advanced applications for the business market. The principle benefit to the users will be the complete mobilization of company resources, combined with low cost and quick content downloads.

There are about 500 companies that will participate in the 3 roadshow that culminates on the 5th of December, in the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. On this occasion the leading Managers of the principle Information and Communication Technology companies will participate.

Along side of 3 in this initiative are ICT leaders of the caliber of Sun Microsystems and Cisco Systems. Sun Microsystems, that brings with it the value of Java, will supply the J2ME development environment for the mobile device and the necessary instruments for the testing and implementation of the applications. Cisco Systems instead will supply the direct access network infrastructure and the technical support for the IP network infrastructure development, necessary to the integration of applications in mobility.

"Today J2ME - the Java version for mobile applications present on more than 100 models of cellular telephones - is utilized at a worldwide level by more than 70 mobile telephone operators and is spreading rapidly on wireless devices - underlined Gianluca Bogi, Director General of Sun Microsystems Italy. In the context of the Java Mobility Advantage Program initiative, the strategic international program implemented to promote the growth of Java, Sun Microsystems Italy has devised, for the companies that will become 3 Innovative Partners, a package of initiatives and flexible terms on the acquisition of instruments necessary for the development activity, including a series of seminars and specialized professional services".

Carlo Carisio, SP Mobile Operations Director for Cisco Systems Italy has, on the other hand, underlined : "The evolution process of the first Italian UMTS operator towards IP immediately has further acceleration. The collaborative relationship with 3 has resulted in the structuring of a joint program dedicated to the business market that seeks innovative mobile services. The technological solutions of Cisco Systems, together with the 3 offer, creates the engine for the launch of new generation data services and represents a significant response to the demand for business mobility.

"3 for Business Open - commented Edoardo Verduci, director of marketing for 3 - is the last element, in terms of time, in our strategy for approaching the business market. The first step was the offer 3 for Business along with 3 Fast Mobile Modem, which provides firms with easy, fast and secure access to the Internet. We continued by providing a convenience without parallel, the Power Option, which guarantees in the use of data in mobility. Then came the formula inAzienda, for secure mobile access via broadband to private data networks. All this in record time - less than 6 months".

"The companies that will become 3 Innovative Partners will be called to cooperate with the 3 commercial structure to develop the first catalogue of 3G wireless applications for the Italian business market, with the objective of satisfying the growing demand for solutions that is being expressed by Italian firms", added Ezio Peri, Director of Business Sales for 3.

3 - Is the commercial brand of H3G, the mobile video company in the Italian market. After having won the UMTS license in Italy in November 2000, with the offer of 3,25 billion euros, 3 launched its service at the beginning of March 2003 and aimed for the leadership of the third generation mobile market. Among its shareholders are prominent leaders in Italy and the world, from the sectors of telecommunications, the Internet and new media, publishing and finance. Hutchison Whampoa Limited is the primary shareholder 88,67% of the authorized capital. The other shareholders include CIR, S. Paolo Imi, BMI, RCS Mediagroup, Gemina and Tiscali.

Sun Microsystems - Since its founding in 1982, a single vision -"The Network is the ComputerTM" - has been projected by Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW) in its position of leader in the hardware, software and network services market: "We make the net work". Sun is present worldwide in more than 100 countries. In Italy, Sun Mircosystems has offices in Milan, Rome, Turin and Padova. More information is available at or

Cisco Systems - Cisco Systems (Nasdaq:CSCO) is the world leader in networking for the Internet. News and Information related to the company and their products are available at


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