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Get paid to receive mobile calls and texts
It pays to be popular as 3 launches revolutionary concept

London - 24 January 2006

3, the UK's leading mobile media company, is shaking up the mobile market yet again with the launch of a revolutionary service that, for the first time, pays customers to receive calls and texts.

The new pay-as-you-go price service from 3 - called 'WePay' - will see customers rewarded with a cash credit for calls and texts they receive. So with 5p per minute for calls received and 2p per text received, it really does pay to be popular on 3.

Customers claim their cash credit each time they purchase a new WePay Top-up voucher - the credit can then be used to purchase any 3 services, from texts and calls to buying music tracks and watching TV on their mobiles.

For example, when a customer receives a five-minute call, they earn enough credit to send two texts, or send a picture message or watch the highlights from two episodes of Coronation Street.

Graeme Oxby, 3's Marketing Director, explains: "It pays to be popular. Anyone who regularly receives calls and texts could end up much better off by moving to 3. You pick up, we pay up; it's as simple as that.

"The introduction of WePay means we've raised the bar on rewarding loyal PAYG customers and at the same time created a way for everyone to enjoy music and TV on their mobile."

WePay is the next development in 3's mission to bring better value to UK mobile users. The pre-pay market is notoriously complicated with a plethora of tariffs and special offers.

In response, consumers have had to adopt increasingly sophisticated strategies to find the best value, from only using their mobiles off-peak to owning several different handsets on a variety of networks and tariffs. Continental Research's Autumn 2005 Mobile Report suggests that as many as 5.9 million consumers in the UK now carry more than one phone.

3 devised WePay, in combination with low outbound call and text rates and the largest range of 3G handsets available on pay-as-you-go, to create a compelling reason for consumers who make and receive a lot of calls and messages to move to 3, port their number and use 3 as their only network.

It currently takes at least seven days to port your number in the UK, whereas in other countries such as Ireland and Pakistan, it takes just a couple of hours.

Marketing Director Graeme Oxby continued: "Because the process can be slow, only a fraction of people on PAYG port their number when they get a new phone. Our new reward for picking up calls and texts makes it worthwhile for consumers to move their number."

As part of its new Pay-as-you-go service, 3 will also launch a range of stylish new handsets designed by fashion designer Roberto Cavalli for its PAYG customers.

The WePay tariff is available from 1 February 2006.

How it works...
A customer on WePay who receives 100 minutes of calls and 50 texts a month will earn 6.00 credit. He or she can claim their cash credit when they purchase a new WePay Top-up, and the credit can then be used to purchase any 3 services.

WePay cash credits are valid for 30 days.

As soon as a Top-up is purchased the 3 customer has 30 days to generate as many calls and texts as possible in order to earn maximum cash credits again.

- Ends -

Notes to editors
66% of the UK market is on PAYG. (Continental Research, Autumn 2005)
The average person has 82 phone numbers stored in their handset.
WePay is available to new and existing PAYG customers.
3 also offer each new PAYG customer a 10 cash credit to port their number.

WePay prices
The new WePay top-ups are easy to understand, all-cash vouchers available in 10, 15 and 20 denominations, with no expiry date.

  • 5p per minute cash credit for each minute of calls received
  • 2p per text for texts received
  • 10p a minute to call a 3 mobile anytime
  • 30p a minute to other networks anytime
  • 15p a minute to landlines and non-geographic numbers anytime
  • 10p per text to any network
  • 25p for a picture message to any network
  • 50p per video message to any network

    3's PAYG customers now will be able to choose WePay cash vouchers or opt for a monthly bundle of calls or texts.

    Calls from non-3 customers calling from abroad and 3 Customer Services do not earn WePay cash credits.

    Content prices

  • 1.50 per download of a full length music video / audio track
  • 50p per download of Pete Tong's Fasttraxx and Zane Lowe's Revolution programmes


  • 50p per match for game highlights including goals - all delivered at 5.15pm on Saturdays and 5 minutes after the final whistle for matches played on other days

    Mobile TV

  • 10p per Coronation Street clip
  • 1.00 to access the latest TV show clips, highlights or catch ups - 20 times in 24 hours


  • 50p to rent the latest game for 3 days
  • 50p to join friends and play a multi-player game

    About 3

    3 is a mobile media company delivering a convergence of communications, entertainment and information to customers on the move.

    The three areas which form the core of its business are:

  • Communications - including all forms of personal communications, voice and video calling; text, picture and video messaging; and mobile blogging
  • Entertainment - including television, music audio and video, computer games, and media publishing
  • Information services - including wireless web, access to the best of the internet and a range of news services

    3 UK is a member of the HWL group of 3G companies, which include 3G operations in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy and Sweden.

    Three facts about 3

  • 3, a mobile media company, launched the UK's first 3G network
  • 3 has over 3.2 million customers (August 2005 figure) in the UK and over 10 million worldwide
  • The 3 network offers national coverage for calls and texts, and over 87% population coverage for 3G services

    For more information call the 3 media office on 0207 350 5696.