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Transaction to form an integrated wholesale mobile and
fixed communications company in Italy will not proceed

(Hong Kong, 13 February 2024) CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (“CK Hutchison”) confirms that the transaction announced on 12 May 2023 for the establishment of a company holding network and other assets to provide integrated wholesale mobile and fixed communications services in Italy, and the sale of a 60% interest in that business to EQT Infrastructure, has been terminated owing to conditions precedent to closing not being satisfied by an agreed longstop date of 12 February 2024.   Accordingly, the transaction will not proceed.

CK Hutchison will continue to explore possible alternative infrastructure transactions to bring value to the company, including possible infrastructure transactions with EQT Infrastructure should the appropriate opportunity arise.
About CK Hutchison Holdings Limited

Listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (CK Hutchison) is a renowned multinational conglomerate committed to innovation and technology with businesses spanning the globe. With operations in about 50 countries/markets and 300,000 employees worldwide, CK Hutchison has four core businesses - ports and related services, retail, infrastructure and telecommunications. The Group is fully committed to its environmental and social sustainability responsibilities with policies, programmes and innovations across its businesses to address sustainability challenges such as the net-zero transition.

CK Hutchison reported turnover of approximately HKD457 billion (USD59 billion) and HKD224 billion (USD29 billion) for the year ended 31 December 2022 and for the six months ended 30 June 2023 respectively.

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