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Thursday, November 30

Hutchison withdraws from NZ spectrum auction

Hutchison Telecommunications (NZ) Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Limited (Hutchison) has withdrawn from the New Zealand auction of spectrum management rights and licences.

Hutchison Managing Director, Mr Barry Roberts-Thomson said the Company had formally notified the auction manager of its decision to withdraw after bidding closed on Wednesday, November 29.

Hutchison had been bidding for management rights and licences to New Zealand spectrum in the 1800 MHz band, with a view to complementing the 1800 MHz licences it acquired in Australia earlier this year.

Mr Roberts-Thomson said the decision to withdraw from the auction was made once bids reached a limit previously set by management and based on the incremental business opportunities presented by investment in the New Zealand market.



For further information

Melina Reed, National Manager Public Affairs, Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Limited

Tel: (02) 8902 0554 Orange One (office & mobile)

Please note

A copy of the statement made by Hutchison when it entered the auction last August is available upon request from Melina Reed.

Orange products and services are provided in Australia by Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Limited.